Shared Governance

Shared Governance at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center is committed to recruiting and retaining excellent nurses. We believe that nurses are more committed and drawn to organizations where they experience a greater sense of autonomy and use their clinical knowledge and expertise to control their own professional practice. Our Shared Governance model was designed to integrate staff participation in nearly all decisions regarding care of patients. This model also allows nurses to network with colleagues and to collaborate among units and departments.

Our Shared Governance Council Structure is composed of the following Councils:

  • Advanced Professionals Council
  • Journey to Excellence Council
  • Nursing Coordinating Council
  • Nursing Evidence-based Practice and Research Council
  • Nursing Leadership Council
  • Nursing Professional Development Council
  • Nursing Quality Council
  • Nursing Practice Council
  • Unit Education Coordinators Council
  • Unit Practice Councils

If you need more information about Shared Governance at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, contact Tina Magers, Ph.D., MSN, RN-BC, Director of Education at